Medium – Electrical tap on Paper

Size – 100*70cm

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Nuru Abegaz

was born in A.A Ethiopia on 1972EC. graduated from the Addis Ababa University School of Fine
Arts and Design in 1997. Having worked as a freelance artist since 1997, he has participated in
numerous exhibitions, both group, and solo. “A blank space, be it paper, glass, or an object
presents itself as a challenge, which I try to meet, using my inner compass as a guide. Over the
years I have been developing my personal vocabulary. For seven years during my “Gray
period”, I restricted myself to the use of white and black paint exploring the possibilities of tonal
value, composition and the placement of the human figure in, often in distorted space. I tried
to reflect on the human condition through a personal and emotional viewpoint. 15 years ago I
discovered electrical tape (nastro) as a fascinating and for my work suitable medium.
Though the available choice of colors is limited, the semi-transparent nature of nastro
through overlapping and layering of the primary colors and deliberately leaving part of the
surface blank allows me to achieve a vibrating energetic life to the work. Drawing has been and
still continues to be an important part of my work and “drawing” with nastro manifested itself
into a new aesthetic form, due to the limitation and flexibility, the medium has an offer. During my
journey on the surface I attempt to find balance and visual rhythm in the composition. 2010 I
started the Laphto Art Gallery within the Laphto Mall, I curate and organizing a group and solo
exhibitions of a wide range of Ethiopian artists, selecting the artists and their works, supervising
the display, ensuring the availability of a catalog tailor-cut for each show, arranging the
promotional activities and organizing the event of the opening ensuring the presence of various
media outlets.