By- Hana Yilma

Medium –Oil on canvas

Size – 100*90cm

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Hana Yilma

Painting has always been a battle of fascination for me, between the anticipated (known) and
unanticipated (unknown) understanding of the thing learned around and beyond. These, the
collection of selected ideas, absorbed from the daily activities of the visual lived-world in the form
of symbols and patterns, are the base that triggers interest in formulating the shapes of my ideas
to form a painting. These ideas/mode of expression, found on a street wall, dwelling, passerby,
or patterns found on costumes or on the ground earth, created by earth, created by
negotiations of space between the inhibited and not inhibited are the means by which I try to
look through, in order to express the thoughts I have about the particular place that I feel
connected to or partake.