Horizon II Collection

We know Horizon is the illusion where the sky ends and the earth starts Horizon of the thought transforms in time, place and the changes we experience our emotions. Understanding who we are in relation to our environment, our experiences and our acquired knowledge that is constantly fed, continuously widens our Horizon.
Thought and knowledge being infinite, our time-constrained life is the bridge we cross again and again from one Horizon to the next. Stillstand is against the law of life (nature). It is always in motion between growth and decay. The desires and understanding of statics are subject to change thought broadening of knowledge and experience.
A person standing a great distance away from the onlooker appears small. Our perception recognizes space and time and herby understand perspective. An individual who walked far in experience, knowledge and has developed his/her skills to a high standard, may appear small, as the distance we have to go to be on eye level with this individual could take a lifetime.
The image we create today with brush and pain on the empty canvas we won’t be able to exactly replicate tomorrow. As tomorrow our emotional and mental mind frame influences the lines we draw and the shades of colors we apply, to give it a unique autonym character.

  • Painting

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